This website has a few functionalities and serves a few user groups. The user group we will be focusing on is parents

The primary purpose of this website is to provide resources for parents of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg school district. These resources will help parents reinforce what their children are learning in school and help them play a part in their children's future. 

After the website's launch, parents complained that they could not find the resources available to them and had trouble understanding the resources. 
📍Here's where I got called into the picture.
My goal was to ensure that parents (and other users using this website) can find the information they are looking for and complete their tasks. 

Most parents in this district:
•   Have low literacy levels
•   English is their second language
•   Have a low income
•   Don't own computers and rely on mobile devices 

Therefore, I aimed to create:
•   A great mobile experience 
•   Intuitive navigation 
•   Minimal and simple text

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